About Us

About US

Industrious and simple,Absolute perfection,Sustainable development,Contributing to society.

Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, established in Taiwan 1958, mainly in the production of plastic secondary processing such as PVC pipe, PP Synthetic Paper and so on. After many years of efforts, the organization has been able to expand, grow and thrive. Founder Wang Yung-ching and Mr. Wang Yung-tsai repeatedly stressed, and personally practice the "Industrious and simple,Absolute perfection,Sustainable development,Contributing to society.".

Nan Ya in order to respond to customers in the price, delivery, research and development and after-sales service, and other aspects of the request, since 1994 to the mainland of Guangzhou, Huizhou, Xiamen and Nantong, and other places to establish a variety of plastic products secondary processing plant, In the Kunshan region to set up a series of printed circuit boards and other electronic products vertically integrated plant, and the construction of polyester fiber products, the middle and lower stream reaches of the production system has always been the factory, the nearest of services to the original three processing customers.