Liquid Bisphenol-A Epoxy Resin


Liquid Bisphenol-A Epoxy

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The characteristics on the curing of epoxy resin and hardener are as follows :

1.Non-volatility when curing, small shrinkage and excellent dimension stability

2. Excellent electric and mechanism properties

3. Water resistance and chemical resistance

4. Excellent adhesive performance with metals, woods, concrete, cenamic, and glass

5. Excellent performance on hardness, and abrasion

6. Can be formulated with various hardeners, and has various performance

7. Can be added with a variety of diluent, filler, and etc… for raising quality

8. Storage stability


1.CCL, Paper laminate, flame retardent additive, Dry type transformer, CT/PT, Insulator, LED,   CCL, PCB Ink.

2.cationic electrodeposition coating, solvent-free paint, Powder coating, can coating, coil coating.

3.Civil engineering, motor, RC reinforced for crack Adhesive.

4.Carbon fiber reinforced composite,   Composites,Waterborne paint, glass fiber sizing Halogen Free copper clad Laminates.


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EL127 液态127树脂 具卓越的电气性质和机械性质,收缩率小,尺寸安定性良好,耐水及耐化学药品性佳、接着力强。 接着剂、电着涂料、无溶剂涂料。


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Liquid Bisphenol-A Epoxy Resin